New 3 bedroom executive semidatached house for rent (Contact 024 354 0332)
$200  700 GhC / MonthBedrooms : 3Bathrooms : 2
Hse # 129, Kasoa Brigade   View MapSize (m2) : 20Year Built : 2018
Lot (meters) : 31 X 21
New 3 bedroom executive semi detached house for rent. Located at Kasoa brigade, about 10 minutes walking distance from the Kasoa highway. All rooms including kitchen and bathrooms tiled. Fans in all rooms. Water heater in bathrooms and kitchen. Air-condition outlet in all rooms. Each unit has Water tank for continuous flow of water. Its a fenced property with electrical security wire on fences. For more details contact Eva at 024 354 0332
Contact the Seller
Contact the Seller