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4 Bedroom House for Sale, Adjiriganor

PROPERTY ID: EL107This property is a 4 bedroom detached house
with 1 bedroom boys quarters located in Adjiriganor. The house consists
of a large compared untiled compound of approximately 100 by 90feet. It
also has 1 huge master suite with shower whilst all other bedrooms are
en-suite with a visitor’s washroom, living room, kitchen, dining area,
family area, store room and a garage available. The interior of this
property is neatly finished with bedroom wardrobes and closets,
contemporary sanitary wares, floor tiles, burglar proofs, fitted kitchen
cabinet and air conditioners in all rooms.One of the major
values of this property is the competitive environment and the
environment.  This property is ideal for mid to large sized families
looking for properties at competitive price to buy.Payment PlanThe owner is open and available to discuss different payment plans.Mortgage Plan If
you are looking for a home mortgage for this property, the mortgage
company’s particular terms must be accommodated. You can initiate a
mortgage application with one of the various mortgage financiers in
Ghana. (Please note: Non-Resident Ghanaians are also eligible for this
payment option).The asking sale prices for the property is $220,000Call or Email SellRent to arrange viewing of this property

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