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Hotel/Hostel Property For Sale

A 2-Block Property consisting of Hotel Block 'A' and Block 'B'.

Block 'A' is a completed property consisting of 5 Bedrooms, 3 No. Combined washrooms/WC, with reception, dining area, lobby and corridor. Whole area of block 'A' is neatly tiled. Spacious and comfortable rooms.

Block 'B' is 70% complete with plumbing works and wiring. It's has 25 rooms with available space for other inclusives, all rooms have a washroom each, rooms from the first to third floor have lobbies. Rooms are very spacious and comfortable.

It has a serene environment and has nice view from the top.

The property is about 600m from the main room with good accessibility. It's about 400m from the Garden City University College.

Both blocks 'A' and 'B' are going for a very affordable price.

We also offer free consultation services concerning the purchase of this property.

Property Prices