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4 Bedroom House for Sale, Achimota

This property is a 4 bedroom self-compound house with and 4 bedroom
uncompleted building at Achimota. This property is almost a too good to
be true one. This property is sitting on approximately 2 plots of land
(100*80 ft), hence it has a huge space which is expandable to have other
uses. The developer also has an 8 bedroom uncompleted building on the
same piece of land which is part of the valuation.
The house comes with 1 huge master bedroom with shower whilst all
other bedrooms are en-suite with a visitor’s washroom, living room,
kitchen, dining area, store room, office space, double garage, extra car
park, security post, huge balcony and back up water supply. The
interior of this property is neatly finished with bedroom wardrobes,
fitted kitchen cabinet, burglar proofs, air conditioners in all rooms.
This property is ideal for individuals, families and groups looking
to make good investments with reasonable budget whilst looking to stay
in the heart of the capital without compromising on space yet at a
reasonable budget.  The property is in a serene environment over looking
the countryside in the valley by Accra North.
Mortgage Plan
If you are looking for a home mortgage for this property, the
mortgage company’s particular terms must be accommodated. You can
initiate a mortgage application with one of the various mortgage
financiers in Ghana. (Please note: Non-Resident Ghanaians are also
eligible for this payment option).
The asking sale price for this property $180,000.
Call or Email SellRent to arrange viewing of this property

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