1,2,3,4 Luxury Apartments + Commercial Square, Cantonments

These are upscale boutique apartments coming up in the affluent
Cantonments area. This development offers total unique lifestyle,
elegance and immense quality. Whether you seek a new home or a long-term
investment this area, this property is worth considering. The
development will have mixed-use features with a restaurant, pharmacy,
lifestyle stores, mini golf course  and tennis court.
All units will be managed to the highest standards to keep properties
in its elegant state. Prospective buyers will be carefully selected to
this community. As we appreciate the need for creating a strong
community and belonging.
These developments are in close proximity to the American and Chinese
Embassy and current president’s residence. The development is fitted
with state of art automated security system that can automatically
detect Fire, Theft and Flooding ensuring that your safety. It also
provides residents with a state of art indoor fitness center, a tennis
court, swimming pool and mini golf allowing for a healthy balance
between work and leisure activities. Also a shopping center is just an
elevator away.
The community will have a welcoming environment not just for adults
but also for children, essentially creating an oasis for in which
families can dwell by creating a children’s playground. Another striking
feature from the moment you step into this signature lifestyle is the
closeness to nature. All the trees and scenery has been kept in its
state whist developing around it. Each apartment also has central AC
system with solar systems for the kitchen and washrooms.
The property is currently selling off plan. Therefore buyers have a
spread of up to 10 months from now to purchase and move into these
The first development is scheduled to be completed in July 2015
The asking price ranges between $125,000 to $650,000 depending on size, room type, etc.
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