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3 bed down house detached

3,4 Bedroom Semi & Detached House Selling, Kwabenya

This community is a collection of 3 and 4 bedroom semi-detached and
detached houses in a gated community located in Kwabenya. The house
comes with 1 master bedroom suite with shower. The property has 2.5
washrooms in all. This is a gated community with about 30 different
houses and types. The community has an array 5 different house types
based on your taste and preference. It will have 2 main entrances to the
community with a common exit. The property is located about 50 meters
off the main road. It already a developed area with nearby schools,
clinics, convenience shops, police station, etc. What makes this
property unique is the community living it seeks to create and the
scenery. This development is almost on a hill, which cast Accra East in
It also consists of living room, kitchen, dining area, store room and
an outdoor car parking area. The interior of this property is NOT
finished with bedroom wardrobes and kitchen cabinet. It can be included
for the buyer. However it has closets, contemporary sanitary wares,
floor tiles, burglar proofs.
One of the major values of this property is the environment and its
competitive price. This property is ideal for mid to small to mid-sized
families looking for comfort, privacy and an affordable home to buy.
Payment Plan
The owner is open and available to discuss different payment plans
within the construction period. The construction period usually takes a
period of 6-8 months.
40% – Initial deposit
40% – Roofing level of property
20% – Handing over of keys
Mortgage Plan
If you are looking for a home mortgage for this property, the
mortgage company’s particular terms must be accommodated. You can
initiate a mortgage application with one of the various mortgage
financiers in Ghana. (Please note: Non-Resident Ghanaians are also
eligible for this payment option).
The asking sale prices for the properties are;
3 Bedroom Semi-Detached – GHS250,000
3 Bedroom Detached – GHS280,000
4 Bedroom Detached – GHS350,000
Call or Email SellRent to arrange viewing of this property

Property Prices

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