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3 Bedroom Apartment Renting North Legon


This is a 3
Bedroom Apartment Renting in North Legon. The property although old needs a
little facelift to bring out the spark and its former charm. It comes with
spacious rooms, a classic standard setting for a small family looking for a
standardized home to rent.  

The house features;

Rooms: master bedroom,
living/dining room, guest toilet, en-suite bedrooms, kitchen,

Amenities (interior):  fitted kitchen, built-in
wardrobes & walk-in closets,

Charge: Generator fuel, garbage disposal, grounds maintenance

Services at Charge to
Tenant: Utility Bills (Electricity & Water

The minimum lease period is 1 year.

The asking rent price for this property is GHC800 [$190] per month.

Call or Email SellRent Ghana to arrange a viewing 

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